Prescription Management System

The goal is to construct an information system to assist a pharmacist in filling and refilling prescriptions. A prescription is a dated, written order for a drug compound issued for a customer by a physician.Information on a prescription must include a specification of the compound, quantity, and instructions. Instructions are required,including mode of administration (oral, nasal,injection, etc.), even if they are simply “take as directed.” A prescription may optionally include number of refills and an
indication to fill generically or as written.
A customer presents a prescription to a pharmacy to have it filled. The pharmacy assigns a number to each prescription and enters it in the system.
A customer has a name, address, age,a list of known allergies to prescription drugs, one or physician. A customer may have many active prescriptions.
The system should assist the pharmacist with the tasks:
•Assign a prescription number to the prescription for identification purposes.
•Fill or refill a prescription, including printing labels and instructions.
•Verify that the drug is appropriate for the condition being treated.
•Locate existing information on customers and prescriptions.
•Add new customers and new drugs.