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(DHQ Level) Civil Hospital Daska delivers quality healthcare services to the community through an efficient and effective service delivery system that is accessible, equitable, culturally acceptable, affordable and sustainable.

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Seasonal Influenza

Seasonal Influenza is contagious respiratory illness. Following steps can prove useful to prevent this illness: 1) Use face mask while deali...

Public Health

Primary & Secondary Health Care Department Government of Punjab.

We Provide you with!

opd-department opd-department

OPD Department

Average 1200 patients Daily visit Out Door Patient Department

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indoor-department indoor-department

Indoor Department

Our Indoor Department is working properly with 179 beds.

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surgery-department surgery-department

Surgery Department

311 Surgeries are done Last Month in our Surgery Department

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emergency-care emergency-care

Emergency Care

Emergency Department is giving 24/7 services.

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IT Intervention


Prescription Management System

Information of patient, medicines, doctors and doctor's opinion for patient on prescription slip feed on PMIS Portal.

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disease-surveillance-system disease-surveillance-system

Disease surveillance System

The record of OPD, IPD and Emergency updated daily. Which helps us to analyze the trend of a disease in specific area.

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Medicine Inventory System

This System helps us to ensure effective management of consumption of medicines in hospital.

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Public Address System

PA Systems are used to speak to a large public and announcements of movement’s at large and noisy area.

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Biometric Attendance System

This Biometric system enables us to maintain employee attendance record and manageme duty roaster of the staff.

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CCTV Security System

In security management system we have 14 CCTV cameras in THQ Daska that cover main areas of hospital for security concerns.

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Monthly Performance Report October, 2017

Monthly Performance Report October, 2017

Outdoor Patients

Monthly Performance Report October, 2017

Indoor Patient

Monthly Performance Report October, 2017

No. of emergency cases

Monthly Performance Report October, 2017

Total X-Ray done

Monthly Performance Report October, 2017

Lab tests done

Monthly Performance Report October, 2017

Ultrasound done

Monthly Performance Report October, 2017

Total Operations Performed

Monthly Performance Report October, 2017

Total Deliveries in HF